25 minutes

The perfect introduction

An introduction into the world of massage. Also perfect for now and then.

CHF 65.-

55 minutes.

Massage and therapy, in line with your needs

Whether you're looking for a classical whole-body massage, back and neck massage, headache massage or a treatment such as dynamic spinal therapy or the Dorn method - we'll find the right treatment to suit you.

CHF 132.-

80 minutes.

Let go and enjoy the experience

Treat yourself to a little time out of the day-to-day routine and relax with a beneficial whole-body massage.

CHF 180.-

How a massage works

1. It increases blood flow and the exchange of substances between blood vessels and tissues

2. It affects the entire organism and has a reflective influence on the internal organs

3. It has a regulating effect on blood pressure, pulse, breathing and sleep

4. It stimulates skin function and regulates muscle tone, and it improves or relaxes tone

5. It improves wound healing

6. It has a de-congestive, stimulating effect on the lymphatic system

7. It relieves pain, e.g. in back and neck problems 

8. It reduces stress and psychological tension

9. It balances the energy circuits (meridians)

10. It improves cell metabolism


An appointment for treatment may be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance..